Airplane Ride is the Hardest

Even as a kid and as a adult this is the part i dislike the most is the airport, and the airplane. I dislike how it feel like it take forever to get your tickets, go through security, and then for you to board, and getting off the plane. I never like a flight that is so early and so late. I like an afternoon flight. I remember if we every got a straight through flight they would give you a meal. Now they just give you a drink and light snack. I know now that I have my kids the question is are we gonna board. or when are we going to land. Now my kids need wifi so that the iPad’s can work, and most of the time I just want to sleep on the plane. You are trying to keep the kids quiet and not crying because they are not just the only kids on the plane. Sometimes you can have someone kick your seat. sometimes your ears won’t pop, and that sucks big time. At times you can be uncomfortable on the plane. You have to worry if the kids are fighting over the window seat. Or if you don’t have kids you can have a person who has the window seat, and they have to pee like every 20 minutes. The hardest part for me is the luggage because your not suppose to leave it and when you have kids you have yours, plus theirs.

The boarding passes, this is when you know the magic is going to begin.
this is my mother and that is not a phone
Boarding pass for a lap child , that is when the child is free
Cousin shelly waiting for the plane this year we were flying with delta.
Image result for southwest airplane
Southwest is the airplane I mostly like to take because your luggage is free. (I DO NOT OWN THE COPY RIGHTS OF THE PICTURE)
You can no longer do this, wait with your family at the gate. Now you have to get a ticket to get to the gate.
Shelly doing her homework on vacation.
You can do your homework on the plane ride back, you will have plenty of time.
What is your favorite seat on the plane??
What do you do when your in the airplane you take a lot of selfies.
The seat belt is to big for Nehemiah So he can get out of his seat.
Image result for southwest flight attendant
The Flight Attendants will be around to give you a drink, and a snack, and make sure you are okay as well. (I DO NOT OWN THE COPY RIGHTS TO THE PICTURE).
Image result for southwest airplane
Please Take your seat, and fasten your seat belts. (I DO NOT OWN THE COPY RIGHTS)
Naomi looking out the window 2017


My babies sleeping on the plane
Me and Nehemiah have taken our seat, and now just waiting for the plane to take off.

This year it was ionyah first flight. This was the first time we tried out the Jazzies for my parents. This time we had two strollers and Two Jazzies. Here are the pictures from the 2019 vacation.

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