Ozsie (Brother, Son, Father, Husband, Uncle).

Ozsie is my oldest brother he has been on almost every vacation with us , besides the ones he takes with his wife and son. For the longest time he was my ridding buddy. I know I have so many memories with my brother just like the time he drop my cell phone off the balcony , and I was not able to use it (flip phone).

Ozsie and his niece Naomi . Naomi and Uncle Ozsie smile tells it all 2015

Ozsie, Naomi, Nehemiah (he is the smallest one), Dad, and Mom.

Ozsie and his wife and Son . This had to be a great honeymoon for them they got married and a few days later went to Disney World.

This is Ozsie and my Nephew Mario they are both BB8 fans. You couldn’t tell by the hats…

Nay Nay, Harold and Ozsie
  1. What is your favorite ride at Disney World and Disney Land? He said that he likes both the space mountains at both theme parks, there is difference that Florida theme park is like a bobsleigh and the one in California is side by side.
  2. The Least favorite ride is small world for Ozsie, it not the best ride, but its okay.
  3. Does the park feel different as child and now that your Adult? Yes, because now that I’m adult I want to make sure that my child has the best time possible, and that nothing declines, Now that I’m adult I like making the memories with my family and enjoying the fellowship.
  4. If Ozsie had to pick one food too eat the whole entire trip it would have to be chicken stripes.
  5. Universal Studios is smaller in California and in Florida is a lot bigger it has two theme parks inside it, and California Universal studios is a hour and half drive.
  6. Picking the rides at Universal Studios Ozsie likes the Hulk at Island of Adventures and Universal Side he likes Men in Black and Transformers.
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This is my brother with the character from the Lego Movie when he went to California

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Well I’m a mother of two and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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