Reviews from Family and Friends

This where Friends and Family have a place to put their memories and place where the memories can live on. I also have asked some questions so you can get and idea of me and my family personalities.

This was Ionyah first year going on a vacation and being on a plane as well. She says all her rides were her favorite. She said she was scared of the Haunted Mansion, Slingy dog dash, and the splash mountain, waiting in line was hard. She loved the frozen show she saw in front of the castle. She was not a big eater, she wanted to keep going. She loved to see the characters.

She loves her Crown that she got from Epcot World Show Case, and She Loves her Minnie ears.

She rode:

Not every ride is written down that she rode.

  • The Simpson Ride
  • Shrek 4-D
  • Woody the Woodpecker nuthouse ride
  • King Kong
  • The Cat in the Hat
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Men in Black
  • E.T
  • Splash Mountain
  • Slingy Dog Dash
  • Storm Accerlation
  • Spider Man 3-D
  • Tough to be a bug
  • Dinosaur Ride
  • Buzz Lightyear Ride
  • Minons 4-D
This is the video she liked. This is a show we saw in 2015, 2017, and 2019

Sarah is married to my brother Ozsie and went on a vacation in 2017. They got married in 2017 and this was my 1st vacation with in laws

Ozsie Sarah and Mario (newlyweds 2017 6 days of being married)
  1. What did you think of the Airline: We rode on Frontier: The flight there was cool, LOL I didn’t like the waiting for so long though but was happy I could smoke LOL. Flight back was good because I slept, but it was still way long. I got into a Delta plane and honestly if we were in a plane like that one (we could watch movies and play games for free) it would have been a little more relaxing.
  2. Best part of the vacation: Best part about the vacation was probably when Mario freaked out about the Lobster (Boston Lobster Feast). and when we were good i liked being able to sit with everyone for dinner like the time we went downstairs to eat at the hotel (Shades of Green) that was really cool and fun.
  3. Worst part of the vacation: It was really hot but a lot of humidity honestly that kind of sucked HAHA. (side note and the arguing so childish and annoying AF on my part as well just saying!).
  4. What theme park did you like: My favorite was Universal Studios and Island of Adventure! That was the coolest and funnest and made California (Universal Studios Hollywood) look ghetto! HAHAH.
  5. Your overall feeling of the vacation: It was really fun and all i just wish i hadn’t argued so much and just go to know everyone it was pretty childish.
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Nehemiah is my youngest child. He is turning four this summer. He is really tall for his age. He slept most of the time at the park. He was mostly pushed in the stroller. Fun fact about nehemiah he is a very picky eater, so he is kinda cheap for a date.

Nehemiah Rode 2018: splash mountain, spider man, transformers, the minions, sherk 4-D, the muppets, king kong, its tough to be a bug, , journey into imagination , the cat in the hat, E.T, Space earth, mission to mars, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, woody the woodpecker, the magic carpet red, Hester and Chester, Dumbo, the high in the sky Seuss trolley train ride,

Nehemiah rode 2017: the pirates of the Caribbean, journey into imagination, king kong, the minions (not in moving seats), the muppets 3-D (he was asleep), its tough to be a bug, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, curious George goes to town play ground,Hester and Chester, Find nemo show, kang and kodos twirl n hurl, dumbo, Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid, Mickey’s PhilhrMagic, Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel, disney junior show

So I did an audio interview with Nehemiah hope you like it. Sorry it’s kinda hard to hear him.

Nehemiah’s interview
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Me and my kids and my father
My Dad, My brother’s Harold and Ozsie and me

How are family vacations all start was with my dad, and how his friend told him that he could afford a trip if he gave up smoking, then after that My dad started the vacation with me and my family. One thing that is cool about my dad is that he always wears a Black shirt on vacations. He loves good popcorn, and pretzels. On the vacations you can always catch my dad laughing a telling jokes.

Me and my Dad
Me and my Dad again
  1. What is different between going as a dad and as a grandpa? He says You have more time with the grand kids.
  2. What is your least favorite thing about planning a vacation? He said the rental car, why because you get nerves about the car and other stuff.
  3. Least favorite part: The back lot at Epcot.
  4. How did yo find out about the shades of green? Just found it out when we stay there one time.
  5. what is the difference from going as 40 and now that your 73? the rides and the walking. Now that I’m older I use the Jazzy and not to much riding I want to do.
  6. What is your least favorite: Terror of tower.
  7. Do you have a landmark when you drive: He said yes, a Big status looks like a bird.
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Ozsie ET and Steele

So the same year that my best friend Adrianna went to Disney World, my cousin Steele did as well. It was fun to have my cousin there because I have gone with my other cousins before . We grew up together as well.

  1. Do you remember what felt when saw Disney World? Probably just excitement to see everything.
  2. What was your favorite ride: The rocking roller coaster that is located at Disney Hollywood Studios or space mountain is located at Disney World
  3. Favorite Snack Food? Pretzels, they would come in the shape of Mickey Mouse.
  4. Didn’t remember the hotel, but he remembers, I just remember it being very humid.
  5. His best memory: One of the days it rain really bad and Me, Adrianna ,and my parents went back to the hotel, Ozsie and Steele stay back, and after it finished raining we came back to the theme park, and then once we got back Steele asked my mom (who is his aunt) if she had her wallet, and my mom answer and said no, so Steele said he lost his wallet. We went to the lost and found and reported it lost, he was sad about losing his wallet, he was kinda sad, but then the next day the lost and found called and said they found his wallet, the money was gone, but he had his wallet back. That was his best memory.
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the Dinosaur ride

Every year I would always bring her a gift, and we would always talked about her coming with me, and what we would do. When I went to Disney World with my Best friend We were in teenagers like 15-16, and I was so glad to go with her and let her see what I got to experience each year. I also enjoyed that I didn’t have to ride with my brother Ozsie, and I loved that my best friend was with me.

We all look scared LOL
  1. Do you remember How you felt when you saw Disney World? YES! I was so happy . I remember i cried as I saw the Castle.
  2. What was your favorite Ride? I liked the roller coaster that was in the dark. I cant remember the name (Space Mountain).
  3. What do you remember about the Shades of Green? The hotel was huge. I loved the pool and that we could see the fireworks from it.
  4. Do you remember any of the characters we met? We met a lot but Aladdin was my favorite. I loved seeing Mickey.
  5. Favorite memory about being there? I think my favorite thing was being there lol. I was able to be a kid when i didn’t get that chance at home.
  6. Would you want to go back? Yes I would love to go back . I plan to take my kids.
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Me and my best friend Adrianna and ET

Ozsie is my oldest brother he has been on almost every vacation with us , besides the ones he takes with his wife and son. For the longest time he was my ridding buddy. I know I have so many memories with my brother just like the time he drop my cell phone off the balcony , and I was not able to use it (flip phone).

Ozsie and his niece Naomi . Naomi and Uncle Ozsie smile tells it all

Ozsie, Naomi, Nehemiah (he is the smallest one), Dad, and Mom.

Ozsie and his wife and Son . This had to be a great honeymoon for them they got married and a few days later went to Disney World.

This is Ozsie and my Nephew Mario they are both BB8 fans. You couldn’t tell by the hats…

Nay Nay, Harold and Ozsie
  1. What is your favorite ride at Disney World and Disney Land? He said that he likes both the space mountains at both theme parks, there is difference that Florida theme park is like a bobsleigh and the one in California is side by side.
  2. The Least favorite ride is small world for Ozsie, it not the best ride, but its okay.
  3. Does the park feel different as child and now that your Adult? Yes, because now that I’m adult I want to make sure that my child has the best time possible, and that nothing declines, Now that I’m adult I like making the memories with my family and enjoying the fellowship.
  4. If Ozsie had to pick one food too eat the whole entire trip it would have to be chicken stripes.
  5. Universal Studios is smaller in California and in Florida is a lot bigger it has two theme parks inside it, and California Universal studios is a hour and half drive.
  6. Picking the rides at Universal Studios Ozsie likes the Hulk at Island of Adventures and Universal Side he likes Men in Black and Transformers.
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Barbara welcomes you

When I was a little girl I couldn’t wait for our family Vacation, because I knew my mother was going to be wearing shorts, or even pants. That is one of the best memories of my mother. So here is her views on the vacations I remember her smile and her laugh, and that she wanted everyone to have a good time.

Mom pushing Nehemiah in the stroller into Seuss Landing at Island of Adventure
Mom and Naynay

Grandma and aliyah
  1. What is one of the pain in your butt about traveling to Disney World? She said getting the rental car, packing the rental car and driving out of the airport. I hate waiting for the luggage, I hate waiting for the rental car, I hate pushing the luggage to the rental car area to where the rental car is located and then packing the rental car with our luggage.
  2. What is different about going to Disney World as a mother and then as a grandmother? The difference from being a mom us the budgeting and making sure everyone rides the rides, they want souvenirs they want this and that, make sure nobody gets sick from everything that they eat during the day, grandma I love because its no holds barred I am been to the park many times with my children so I know what I’m looking for now as a grandma I’m not looking for souvenirs I’m looking for the eat I love the caramel apples and the pastries.
  3. What is your favorite ride? The Haunted Mansion
  4. Do you like meeting the Characters? Meeting the characters is always a dream come true no matter how many times you meet them or how old you are that they always have new characters to introduce so there’s always someone new to meet.
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Grandma Holding Nehemiah and Grandpa

This was Thomas first vacation and he went as adult. one important fact about Thomas is that he does take a normal picture on the rides you can find him trying to be the model for the ride.

The Mummy Rides. You See everyone is looking straight besides Thomas.

He is a cute minion
What do you think?
  1. How was your first Vacation overall? Exhausted, but fun at the same time. You always have to worry about where the kids are going and even where your spouse is going.
  2. Out of Disney World, Ecpot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, which one was your favorite? Hollywood Studios more action pack roller coasters.
  3. How did you feel about the City Walk? Disappointed because when you have kids you really don’t get to walk and see the shops you want too and we didn’t get to go back and see the city walk.
  4. What ride did you enjoy the most? The Hulk, because the first 5 seconds you are just seating there, and then you start twisted, and getting pulled instantly.
  5. What did you think of Tower Terror? Exciting because you are dropping and you really can’t see.
  6. What ride was you disappointed about? Dr. Doom at Island of Adventure, because it doesn’t drop fast enough.
  7. What is your best memory? when Me and Naomi stole grandma jazzy and was riding it.
  8. What would you have changed about the vacation? When you are driving you alone need one person to do the talking, not everyone should talk.
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Naomi is my daughter she is 8 years old, she will be turning 9 this fall, and she started to go on the family vacations back in 2015, and by the way, she is not a rider, she is more of a shopper. if the ride is really scary she will cry through the whole ride. One thing I love about Naomi when she is on vacation you can always catch her smiling.

Naomi rode in 2015: The Muppet’s 3-D, Jurassic Park, Storm Acceleration, The Cat in the Hat, Hester and Chester, Pirates of the Caribbeans, Winnie the Pooh, The Simpsons ride, Mickey Philiar Magic, curious George,

Naomi Rode 2017: Buzz light Year Space Ranger, it’s tough to be a big, Disney Junior Live show, Storm Acceleration, The Minion’s ride, Sherk 4-D , Primeval Whirl

Naomi Rode 2018: King Kong, The Muppet’s, Buzz Light Year Space Ranger., it’s tough to be a bug, Storm Acceleration , The Minions ride, Sherk 4-D, Primeval Whirl , ET , The Magic Carpet ride, Woody the Woodpecker ride, Hester and Chester, primeval whirl,

Aliyah and Naomi playing the game
Naomi and Nehemiah sleeping in the stroller
Naomi and Aliyah using the snap chat filter
  1. What do you think of the weather when you go to Universal Studios? It was hot and at the end of the day it gets cold, remember to pack a jacket.
  2. What did you dislike about the parks? You have to do a lot of walking.
  3. What type of food do you like at the theme parks? Hot dog and chips, pizza, chicken nuggets, mostly all the food.
  4. what is one thing you forgot to take to the theme park? Water because you never know when your gonna need a drink.
  5. Why don’t you like to ride? Because some are scary and some are too intense.
  6. Favorite ride at the Animal Kingdom? Primeval Whirl, because it really fun, you can see a lot of toys and you are close to food.
  7. What did you like about the shuttle at the Hotel? Because you got to slept
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