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3- D rides

One thing that is fun for all family to enjoy together is the different 3-D and 4-D rides. You have course have the glasses that you wear, and it makes you feel like the items are coming off the screen and right at you. Some of the ones we have been on is the Minons,…

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One ride that is a family ride is the transformers. It’s a 4-D ride. you have to save the planet. You see all the different transformers. The rides jerk a lot. (Naomi was scared of this ride and even the spider-man ride). Thomas said he was not able to really enjoy the ride because he…

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Avatar Flight of Passage

We (Naynay, Thomas, Naomi, Aliyah, and Grandma) waited 4 hours to ride this ride, its located at the Animal Kingdom Park. You walk through a jungle like theme, and then you have a cave theme, and then you have a science lab theme.It started to go by fast, the wait time seem liked nothing, and…

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