Sea World

One place we use to go to was Sea World, but we Stop after my family watch the show on Netflix called BlackFish, and it was a documentary. After we stop going to Sea World. These picture that I’m posting is from the past and nothing is recent. We would go to the Sea World…

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Gifts and Gifts

One thing that was fun for me was to get a gift from the theme park. Now that I’m older I’m not a huge fan of getting a gift from the theme park. This post will let you see some of the gifts we brought, I will also have the links so that you can…

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World Showcase

This year at Epcot we started in the World Showcase. It’s different country you can visit, you can try clothes food, and so much more. This was fun to experience with my family. As a kid when i use to go I never really appreciate it but now that I’m older i did a lot…

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Tricera Top Spin

This was one of Naomi favorite ride at Animal Kingdom. The ride goes up and down, and you can have four people in one tricera. Its not a long wait either. The kids really like it because they are able to control it. Below is a video from my parents view as they watch us…

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One of Naomi favorite ride is the primeval whirl at Animal Kingdom. This use to be one of my favorite rides as a kid, but now that I’m getting a little bit older it not all that fun. It has sharp turns and jerks a lot. You spin a lot on this ride. The rides…