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Hot Topic

one thing that I do before the vacation is try and buy shirts and shoes and things Disney for the vacation. So that it gets you more in the mood. I normal shop at the Wish online store that is an app. I have been looking for another store, and I did and its Hot Topic here is the link to my wishlist

I haven’t brought anything from them just yet but I will and see how fast shipping is and how long it takes.

Image result for hot topic logo
the logo for hot topic.
the link to get the app on your phone for androids

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Original .VS. Covers

click on the link below to listen to the songs

We do not own the copy rights to the song, we listen to we got the music off our apple music.

One thing that I like about Disney is that you can always find a cover of your favorite Disney song. So i thought to help us also get more in the Disney Mood at my house is have a music battle. Do you have a favorite Disney Song? In the video below you will see my family listening to the original and then the cover song and see which one they like better.

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Animal Kingdom

The Boucher explaining Animal Kingdom
Tree of Life
This is a map of animal kingdom

One thing that I like about this park is that is feels like a Zoo. There is a rides there and there are different theme as well. There is shows as well. The animals make the theme park, and it feels like all the Disney Movie’s that involve animals, you feel like you are there. This is my 2nd place to visit. I also feels this place tells you more about the animals and how to help take care of the environment so that we can have these animals around longer.

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Magic Kingdom aka Disney World

Image result for disney world map
This is the map of Magic Kingdom

Disney is one of my favorite place to visit because it brings back all the Disney movies I remember watching, and it does give you excitement and joy. Its really fun to ride and also meet the characters. It just a great place to be with your family and enjoy the company of your family. Remember there are shows and that there are parades as well. Some the rides are fast, and some of them are just a show. Remember they also have really good snack food. One thing I like to eat when I’m there i love the Funnel cake . Its so good. There are rides for everyone to ride and then some rides are not for everyone. Remember that you do a lot of walking. That there are always characters out to want to meet you. I know just for me I’m more of a rider then meeting the Characters. I love how the rides take you to a different place and the theme park feels so magical, you want to see everything and want to take as much from it as you can. One thing about the park is remember you and your family are not the only ones there so there is wait time for the rides and show. Do you have a favorite Disney movie or even character? 9 out of 10 they will be at Disney World.

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One thing for me that is a must right now is a stroller for my kids. Because they get tired and they do not want to walk any more, or sometimes you can even rock them to sleep and you just want to lay them down. It also nice to put some of the items you brought in the bottom of the carrier. I love that it has a cup holder, and that it just easy to push. The other thing that I like about the stroller is that when it late and your leaving the park and there are a lot of people you are able to keep pushing your kids, and you know where they are. If there is not a seat for them to sit as well they already have a seat to sit on.

This is me as a child and I was in the stroller we rented from Disney.

This was the first stroller I took to Disney world and I didn’t mind it the only thing that I did not like was that my kids were seating two different way, Nehemiah was always facing me, and Naomi was in the front of the stroller. The other thing I disliked about it was that it was just hard to fold up.

The next time I went I brought a different stroller for the kids to try and it pushed really nice and i liked that the kids were facing both the same way. It was easier for my parent to watch them if I went on a ride. That it was so super easy to fold as well, and this one has double storage space.

Of course if you do not have your own stroller you can always rent at the theme parks I will provide the link for Disney world and for Disney springs

Single Stroller is $15.00 daily

Double stroller is $31.00 daily

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Benefits of Going on the Vacation

Mom and Dad explains the rules to go on the vacation

One thing as a Parent that I’m trying to teach my kids, is how to have fun in life. I always tell my kids going on a vacation is a privilege and not a right. You have to get good grades, you have to be respectful, you have to listen, and you have to be honest, I try to give them rules I know they can follow, now that doesn’t mean they will be these perfect angels, nor do I think that, if i see that they are trying that is all a mother can ask for. showing my kids how to be accountable as well, if you say you are doing this, that your word is your word, and I don’t want them to get in the habit that you don’t feel like you have to honor what you say. I’m also trying to show them how you have to make a plan and follow through with it. Also show them how to budget, and how to save money. Plus I’m showing them that everything in life is not free and to make sure that you are doing your part. Plus also showing them how this moment in time is great to take a back from the real life and just have fun for a few days. Plus I want to pass down something that my parents was passing down to me.