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Hi my name is Naomi, but my family calls me Nee-Nee. Im the oldest. I was not a rider in the Past, but now I’m a THRILL SEEKER. When I’m not riding, I’m spending that $$$.

Hi, my name is Nehemiah, I’m the youngest out of siblings. My family calls me Neo, or Buddy. I stay up all night, and sleep during the day, if I’m awake you will see me with a toy asking can you buy it.

Hi everyone we are the grandparent’s to Naomi and Nehemiah. This started with us and now we get to enjoy it with our grandkids.

Hi everyone, we are mom and dad. This tradition started with me as a child and now I get to enjoy the same experience with my kids. One step at a time starts a memory.

we are all saying hi. Hope you enjoy the memories we make as a family and hope that with some of the ideas we are doing that it helps with you making your own family vacation, and making as many memories as you can.

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