Men in Black Ride

One New ride we rode this year was Men In Black. This was Thomas, Naomi, Nehemiah, and Ionyah first time riding it this year. When you first get through the line and go through the doors, it makes you feel like your going to be watching this science movie or something dealing with science .…

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Rides of 2019

This year we rode new rides and we also rode rides from the year before. It was nice this year to see what rides we rode and what are starting to becomes our favorite rides as well. This is not all of the rides but its a great start to what you can plan on…

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The Count Down

We will be doing a count down before we go on our family vacation. It will have fun facts, and you will hear what we can’t wait for. and you will see us packing, and all that fun stuff, so make sure for the count down you check the page and see all the cool…

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Vacation Planner

Getting your vacation in order. This is an idea I had to make. A planner for your vacation because at the end of the day you have a planner for your everyday life, why not have one for your vacation . This helps with keeping tracking of the hours you have taken off for work.…

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