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Games while in Line

Disney Emoji Blitz One thing that Disney World and Universal Studios , teaches is patience, because you have to wait in line to ride the rides. While you are in line you will see groups playing games to make the time go by fast. You will see people just playing games on their phones,. There…

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This Booklet has all 4 theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Hollywood Studios) in one small booklet. It takes each land mark and you can write down what you did at each landmark. This was the first year back to the family tradition and how it felt going back on the family…

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Macy’s and Hot Topic

These are the backpack that i order from Macy’s and hop topic. We are taking these back pack to Florida. So get ready to see them in new post. All the girls have the Minnie Backpack and Thomas and Nehemiah have Mickey Mouse Backpack, REMEMBER TO CHECK THE BOXES YOU PACKAGE COME IN BECAUSE YOU…

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Tidal wave

Home One ride that is fun to ride at Lagoon, is the Tidal Wave. Because it is like a big swing. You can fit up to 8 people in a row. Its nice for a big group. Its not a thrill ride. It feels good. When we took Nehemiah on the tidal wave he was…

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Fun Activity on the plane

Here is an activity I made up for my kids to do on the plane to help pass some time while on the plane. Also a fun way to make memories while on the plane since you have to have your phone on airplane mode. This is also great for paying attention to small details…

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Naomi’s Corner

05/27/2019 Hello and welcome back to the vacation blogs and today I will be talking about the 6 things I need on the airplane so 1. I need my phone 2. my homework if I have any 3. and a book 4. a blanket 5. some headphones 6. and a bag to put my stuff…

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