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Back to the future

This ride is no longer available, the ride has turn into the The Simpsons ride. This ride my parents was not a big fan of. This was a thrill ride/show for sure.I just love the ups down and ups of the ride . Do you remember this ride, if so how would you rate it.

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This ride is no longer at Universal Studios in Florida. This was a fun show/ride to experience. If you haven’t seen the movie you should its available to watch on Netflix if you have an account. So you get to feel what its like to feel a tornado. The wait time was never long, and…

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Beauty and the Beast Show

One of my mom’s favorite movie is beauty and the beast, there is the Beauty and the Beast show, we have seen it so many times, but to see the look on my mom’s face is priceless. The show overall is really nicely put together and you can feel the magic coming from the stage.…

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One thing that help our vacation with the kids was that we had a hot spot so that the kids could use it for the devices. I know this helped a lot with Nehemiah because he would want the tablet or the phone to watch while in line waiting for the rides. We didn’t want…

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