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Macy’s and Hot Topic

These are the backpack that i order from Macy’s and hop topic. We are taking these back pack to Florida. So get ready to see them in new post. All the girls have the Minnie Backpack and Thomas and Nehemiah have Mickey Mouse Backpack, REMEMBER TO CHECK THE BOXES YOU PACKAGE COME IN BECAUSE YOU…

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Slime and more slime

My kids love making slime and this is a fun craft we like to do. So we thought it would be fun to make inspired slime from Disney characters and from the theme park as well we have a Etsy store, (you can just buy one slime)so if you like them and would like one…

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One thing for me that is a must right now is a stroller for my kids. Because they get tired and they do not want to walk any more, or sometimes you can even rock them to sleep and you just want to lay them down. It also nice to put some of the items…

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