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One of Naomi favorite ride is the primeval whirl at Animal Kingdom. This use to be one of my favorite rides as a kid, but now that I’m getting a little bit older it not all that fun. It has sharp turns and jerks a lot. You spin a lot on this ride. The rides…



This was Naomi first ride that she rode in the year 2015. She rode it with Uncle Ozsie. She was to scared to get on one of the Seuss characters that goes up and down, so her and Uncle Ozsie sat in the seat ones. You can see her face lighting up as she rides…

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Men in Black Ride

One New ride we rode this year was Men In Black. This was Thomas, Naomi, Nehemiah, and Ionyah first time riding it this year. When you first get through the line and go through the doors, it makes you feel like your going to be watching this science movie or something dealing with science .…

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