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Mommy and Daughter Time

Ride it or Waiting?? I’ve been a rider since I could remember, now on the other hand Naomi is not a rider at all, it like pulling teething to get her to get on a ride. Here is a few rides we are gonna ask if we would ride or just Wait. 05/29/2019 “The ride…

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The Mummy Ride

One of my Scary rides One of the rides that is fun to ride, but also scares me a little bit is the THE MUMMY RIDE. The wait shows good amount of the props that we used in the movies. It also has a pyramid feeling to it as well. While you are in line…

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One ride that is a family ride is the transformers. It’s a 4-D ride. you have to save the planet. You see all the different transformers. The rides jerk a lot. (Naomi was scared of this ride and even the spider-man ride). Thomas said he was not able to really enjoy the ride because he…

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Dumbo Blooper

Naomi is trying to explain the Dumbo ride and of course it didn’t go the way we plan.Click on the download button. Here is a link from Apple Store (iTunes) for the Dumbo soundtrack

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