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Visa Travel Notification

One thing to make sure do before you go on a vacation is to notify your bank that you are going on vacation. so that they do not put a hold on your funds. That happen to Thomas last year with his cards, and it took him a couple of hours to get the problem…

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What Do I need?

When I pack for my family vacation, I always think about what is a must for me and my family. That can be with clothes and shoes, and even electronics. Since my kids are getting older, it does change because of their ages. The first thing I know my family needs is Iphone and Ipad…

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$$$$$ Saving for the Trip$$$$$

For me this is the most important part about taking the family vacation. The Budget…. This is always on my mind, because you never wanna travel and not have enough money, plus you don’t want to feel like you really can’t enjoy yourself either. For myself I’m always thinking how I can pay one of…

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