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The Haunted Mansion

This is my mom’s favorite ride at Magic Kingdom (Disney World). We waited in line for 70 mintues. We ate a ice cream sandwich while in line. While we were in line Naomi got her head stuck in between the bars, and she started to freak out. We had one gentleman say push her ears…

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Dinosaur Ride

One new ride that Naomi, Nehemiah, Ionyah, and Thomas rode this year was the Dinosaur ride, that is located in Animal Kingdom in Dino Land USA. We had a 80 minutes wait, but while we were waiting the ride was having some technical difficulties, so they had to give us fast passes. So we waited…

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Sea World

One place we use to go to was Sea World, but we Stop after my family watch the show on Netflix called BlackFish, and it was a documentary. After we stop going to Sea World. These picture that I’m posting is from the past and nothing is recent. We would go to the Sea World…

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This was Naomi first ride that she rode in the year 2015. She rode it with Uncle Ozsie. She was to scared to get on one of the Seuss characters that goes up and down, so her and Uncle Ozsie sat in the seat ones. You can see her face lighting up as she rides…

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