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How many steps

when you go to the theme parks, you walk. They say on average you walk anywhere between 10-12 miles a day at the parks. Remember you are pushing a stroller as well, you buy items while you are at the park as well. Its also fun to see how many steps you are taking at…

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3- D rides

One thing that is fun for all family to enjoy together is the different 3-D and 4-D rides. You have course have the glasses that you wear, and it makes you feel like the items are coming off the screen and right at you. Some of the ones we have been on is the Minons,…

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One ride that is fun and i remember riding even as a kid is the colossus. Its a roller coaster that has two loop back to back. the ride is a thrill ride. it hold too 30 people at a time. yellow and blue theme roller coaster you have to be 46in to ride the…

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When the Kids are Away

One thing that is cool is that my Parents are retired so they can help take the kids to fun events and can travel with them. This time with our church my parents took them to Nebraska on a train. The train ride took 24 hrs. So while the kids were away it was still…

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