Category: Meeting the Characters.

Minnie Mouse

Don’t forget Minnie and if you do not know who that is she is Mickey’s GF. This is one character you have to meet. Here is Naomi with Minnie Mouse. We met Minnie Mouse at Disney Hollywood Studios, at the Disney junior side of the park. You can see her and Mickey at all four…

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Aurora AKA Sleeping Beauty

One character that Naomi met was Princess Aurora. She was a nice and sweet princess, even though I have never seen the movie. I tried to get every min and second of her interacting with her. Naomi does look a little nervous to be kinda close to her, but over all she enjoy the meeting…

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Alice In wonderland

I remember me an my daughter and son were waiting in line for the Mad Tea cups, and then we saw Alice come out and then we jumped out of line and saw her. Naomi met her at Magic Kingdom. I love catching these moments of my children interacting with the characters, just feels so…

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