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Lagoon Booklet

I made a booklet for a trip to lagoon to see how it would work and i filled the book mostly out from memory. So in the pictures below will show a blank booklet and then the one i filled out. This was cool filling out because it was keeping all the memories i made…

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Below is the link for Lagoon Home This is a fun ride at our local theme park Lagoon. Me and Thomas has rode it a few times, but this was Naomi’s first time riding it. She was really nervous while waiting to get on the ride. In the video you will be able to see…

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Tidal wave

Home One ride that is fun to ride at Lagoon, is the Tidal Wave. Because it is like a big swing. You can fit up to 8 people in a row. Its nice for a big group. Its not a thrill ride. It feels good. When we took Nehemiah on the tidal wave he was…

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Home One ride that my daughter loved to ride was the ride at Lagoon called the Wicked. we rode this ride two times . At first she was scared to ride the ride, but after she rode it she loved the ride. AT first she told me and her dad to be quiet and not…

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Rider VS Non- Rider

We took our daughters (Naomi and Aliyah) to our local theme park Lagoon. Naomi was scared to ride, but me and Thomas had the idea of taking Naomi to see if she can get comfortable riding and it worked here are the two videos of being a Rider and not being a Rider Here are…

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