Boondocks: All about the Go karts

Outside by the go karts

One place that the family likes to go to is Boondocks. The kids really enjoy the go karts, the boat bumpers, laser tag, arcade, and so much more here. This indoors and outdoors, so try and go when its warm. We always pay for the 3 hrs unlimited which means you get to do all the activities for 3 hrs. Thomas has only been to the Draper location, but the family has been to both the Draper and Kaysville location.

We have never done the bating cages or mini golf.

This leads to the mini golf.

Food: The adults always stop and get the wings burger and etc. The kids will coming running to get a bite of the food and go back and play. Nova is still little so she loves to get a bite to eat. I think the wings is the best thing on the menu.

Go Karts: Naomi really enjoys the go karts, because she can drive herself. She does really go with the go karts. The only thing I dislike about the Go Karts is that people don’t follow the rules, and try to cash into each other, but other than that I love watching the kids drive. Be prepared that if you are watching the kids in the go kart you will smell a lot of gas from the go karts.


this is a video of the kids and dad crashing into each other.

Go Kart view draper location

Dark movie: this is one that the kids like to do, but Nehemiah picked the zombie one and they were really scared.

this is the view you see if your not on the ride. 2022: Draper Location

Bowling is only at the Kaysville location and Naomi is not a big fan of bowling.

2021: Kaysville Location

Nova is not a big fan of the kiddieland area that they have.

Here are the pictures from the arcade section.


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