The Rush Funplex

I have saw this place a few times while I was out and about, so I thought I should take the kids to this place. Some things were good and some thigs about this place was crappy. You have to pay for 1-3 hours the best one is the 3 hours because it cost 25.00 for the three hour.

The Crappy-part is that never go on a Saturday in the evening time, there were to many teenagers for my comfort. I also I think the place is under staff, and it feels and looks like a lot of teenagers are running the place. That there was not a lot of seating places for adults. The lines were really long, we waited almost close to hours to do the go-karts.

Bowling– We had to be put on a waiting list. The pins were attach to a string. I thought the bowling was okay but Aliyah and Thomas disliked it a lot. I also felt bad because we were bowling and later Nehemiah wanted to bowl and it was a 2 hr. waiting list.

Go Karts- They were limited for the kiddie go karts they were only let three people drive at a time, and for the regular go karts they were only letting 6 drive at a time. While we waited in line a lot of teenager’s were cutting the line, they were also loud and being rude and not respectful of anyone there. They were following the rules for the go karts, they had to stop more than once to warn them. When we were close to getting to drive the karts, we had to block the line so that no more kids were cutting the line. They threaten me and Thomas, and Aliyah, Naomi were shocked.

Form Pit-The Kids really enjoyed the form pit. They climb the rope jumped from the wall, and they did the rock climbing. They jumped on the trampoline as well, there was not a lot of trampolines just one or two. Me and my mom were scared after the kids jumped in the form pit because it was hard for them to get out.

We did not get to do mini golf, laser tag, and we did not pay to do the arcade.

Overall I don’t think this is a family place I have kids 17-1 and it felt like this is where my oldest would come with her friends and I drop her off and pick her up.

Here are pictures from our trip to the Rush Funplex.


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