California Road Trip : Making our own Funko’s

I saw a lot on TikTok was that people were making their own personalized Funko’s.

So i thought that would be a fun vacation to do with my family. When I looked on Google maps it said that it would be a 9 hr drive, but it actual turn into a 12 hr trip. I will say all three of my kids were not very patience while we were driving.We had to make multiple stops to get them comfortable or to settling them down. Not a lot of fights between Naomi and Nehemiah but a lot of whining conversation.

packing and planing for the vacation
Nova talking in the car

One thing that I did do for our vacation is i tried to download as many gas apps that I could because I wanted to try and save some money on gas as much as I could. One of the gas station that we all liked as a family was Eddie Gas Station. This was a huge gas station, even at the gas station Nehemiah was able to get Another Funko.

made a video while on the road
candy view

So we waited in line for two hours to go inside the funko store and we waited 2 hours to make our personalized funko as well. I enjoyed the store but I thought when you make your own funko you would be more hands on, but it was more of picking your head, body shape, hair, and accessories and then you sent your card into them you pay and they make them and hand them to you. One thing that I did like when you do make your personalized funko you get text messages of when its your time to make them. Also you have to make sure to keep your mask on the whole time in the store, your not allowed to take it off.

Me and Thomas even try some scratch off
this was the text message I received that it was time to make your funko
this is the form you fill out to make your personalize funko

The food was not bad at all we had pizza delivered the first night because we got there late, the swcond day we ate at 25 degrees, and shake shack, and later that night we had Raising Cane chicken, that was the bomb.

One thing that Thomas and I really liked that at the Shake Shack on your receipt that it give you the passcode so that your able to use the restroom.

I showed the kids the Hollywood walk of fame and Naomi knew some of the names on there, I had to try and show pictures of who the people were for Nehemiah to understand what we were doing there.

Here are random pictures from our trip.

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