Period, not on vacation

One thing that is not fun that happen sometimes while your on vacation if your a young lady/ woman is your period. It happen to me while I was on vacation in 2005 and we had to buy tampons, and that was not fun. SO this made start thinking about how can you make it so discrete that no one knows your on your period. I took a make up bag and put a cute Disney Princess on it. I think this was one of my best ideas, because you really do not want a lot of people to know that kind of information.

I am able to fit a pair of underwear, a tampon or pad, femminie wipes all in my bag.

The bag is not to big so I’m able to fit it in a medium size purse or even in a backpack.

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Well I’m a mother of four and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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