The Count Down to Christmas

the christmas trees from the park

So every year we go on vacation, and the vacation was the highlight before Christmas, so Me and my Mom came up with the Count Down to Christmas. So we started on the 1st and end on the 24th.

Here are pictures of the kids watching the movie.

The first day we watch: The Swan Princess Christmas. That was not a favorite one but it was okay for a Christmas Movie.

The Second day we watch: The Christmas Chronicles 2 and we were all shocked how great the movie was. We didn’t think it was going to be that good.

The Third day we watch:: Noelle and that was a surprising movie as well. It was good. This movie had a great message behind it as well.

The Fourth Movie we watch: How the Grinch Stole Christmas the one with Jim Carey and we kinda talked through the movie about how great of Job he did playing the Grinch. Below will below because when we go to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure, they have a part of the park is called Seuss Landing and you can meet the Grinch and the who’s.

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Here is the Grinch autograph from when we went on vacation

The fifth movie we watch: Home alone, this is one of Naomi’s favorite Christmas movies. Ionyah and Nehemiah didn’t seem to like it that much, but overall you have to know that this movie is a classic.

Beauty and the Beast the Enchanted Christmas

The Sixth day we watch: Beauty and the Beast enchanted Christmas, this is an okay Disney movie. not one of my favorites but its cute. Remember the characters from the 1st movie is in this Christmas movie as well.

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The seventh day we watch Arthur Christmas: This movie was good and we all liked it.

The eighth day: We did not watch a movie because at my job had a Christmas party and we went to Luminaria at Thanksgiving Point, please check out the post to see more about our trip to the light show.

The 9th day we watched: Mulan while only Me Thomas and Naomi. The movie was not bad I know for me and Thomas we kept comparing it to the cartoon one. It was still a good movie. Me and Thomas think they are going to make a second one, but that’s just us.

the 10th day we watched: The Christmas Chronicles: This was a good movie i was surprise by it. These movies were so good that it made my mom look them up on the internet to find out more information, about them.

The 11th day we did not watch a movie

The 12th day we did not watch a movie

The 13th day we watched: Mickey Twice Upon a Christmas. This is the same story line but with a different stories. We have send this one so many times, but the kids love watching them.

the 14th day we watched: Mickey’s upon a Christmas, this has all of Mickey and his friends for the Holiday and tells different stories about the real meaning for Christmas.

the 15th day the kids watched Trolls World Tour at my parents house while just Ionyah and Nehemiah. Ionyah and Nehemiah really enjoy the music on this movie.

then we missed the 16th, 17th, 18th,

The 19th: Without Ionyah and Grandma we watched Lilo and Stitch the first and second movie

the 20th: Naomi and Thomas started watching the Spiderman movies. I work on some products for the blog. Make sure to look at the store.

the 21st-23rd we did not watch a movie, but the kids did eat the chocolate from the count down calendar I brought them.

the 24th we watched the Christmas Carol, the one with Jim Carey scared Naomi, then we watched one on amazon and we went to bed so that we could have CHRISTMAS.

this year we did not do a christmas count because this year we went to the park in December.


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