Luggage: Picking the right one for vacation

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When you go on vacation it is hard to pick the right luggage for you, trust me I know. I have to make sure I have enough room for the clothes and everything I’m going to pack for the trip, and then make sure I have enough room so if i buy other items they can fit, and also make sure it not over the weight limit. Then make sure you have a carry on bag that is not to big but still has enough to help that my hands are free as well. Then after you figure those out you will have to keep into account how your going to fit it in the rental car the carry on bag and the luggage. Since my kids are young I have to think about their luggage and what they can pull, and then I even have a stroller as well.



Even with all this planning you may still have to buy a few extra bags for all the extra things you have brought. It even helps with the stroller because you can put bags on it as well, and it has pockets as well to help with that as well.



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