Swimming Time aka Polar Bear Swimming

One thing that we use to do when I was a kid was after we finished at the Amusement Park and ate dinner, we would go swimming. We could swim for hours and by the time we came out the pool we were all pruney from the water. We use to fight over who was going to take a shower first to get the chlorine off us. Are eyes where red because we knew how to swim with our eyes open. Now that Im older I have a hard time getting into pools that are not heated, i hate the feeling of the cold water hitting my skin, as a kid i could of cared less.

One thing that I like at the SHADES OF GREEN RESORT, is that they have life vest for the kids, and the kids have no problem going to get one and asking for us to help put it on them. The one thing that is hard at the resort is just getting to the pool itself, feels like a maze.

Just keep in mind that we also would get wet at the Amusement Parks from the rides that would get you wet, the shows that had a splash zone, and etc. So still to this day I still do not know why the pool was so exciting.

Most of the time when I was a kid my dad would come and watch us swim because my mother can not swim. We use to play Marco Polo, Jaws, and just Splash around and just have fun.

Ozsie getting ready to get in the pool

Here are some pictures from me being a kid in the pool with my cousins and my brothers, aunt and parents as well.


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