Worst Product We brought Hand Crank Phone Chargers

One product I brought from wish.com was these hand crank phone charger. Let me tell you that it did not work and I was so disappointed in the product. I brought them because I thought this would be great to have while waiting in the line to keep our phone charge. The product would not even charge the phone at all. The red light would turn on and you would not see the charging symbol on your phone. I brought three of them Green, Blue, and Black. they still not work. I will tell you one thing though your hand does get tired from cranking it to try and charge the phone.

the noise of the phone charger cranker.

We tried at different times on the vacation to try and get these to work but they never did. We tried different IPhone cords as well to see if that was the problem but it never worked for them.

brought this for our 2018 vacation.

When is go on vacation sometimes i use the wish app and some of the items are cheaper and it helps with the vacation. Here use this code for wish and get $5.00 dollars off your order:ckslnskj

https://www.wish.com/search/hand%20crank%20phone%20charger/product/5e9819bfbe77e31e40cbf922?source=search&position=0&share=web https://www.wish.com/search/hand%20crank%20phone%20charger/product/5e0068eb10f9c03876ad861d?source=search&position=2&share=web https://www.wish.com/search/hand%20crank%20phone%20charger/product/5ca467c669efe60a3e9d0d3c?source=search&position=5&share=web

When you read the reviews on the product you have good reviews and you have bad reviews. Also when you look on the Wish app you will see that you will find the product more then once on the site. Some will cost more and some will cost less.

Naomi cranking the hand crank phone charger


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