Jaws the ride: scary ride for me as a kid, but I love sharks

This ride use to be at Florida and California Universal Studios. This was one of the rides I was scared to ride. You would be in a boat and you would be going on a tour and then while on the tour they would inform you that Jaws is in the water, that you have nothing to worry about. Of course at the end of the ride Jaws dies and he is no longer a threat to the tour boat.

One of the memories I have is my brother Ozsie tricked me to sit by the side that Jaws cup on and on I tell you I was scared I was.

Me explaining Jaws
Here is a video from the ride Jaws.
https://www.hottopic.com/search?q=jaws https://shop.universalorlando.com/Merchandise/ProductList.aspx?q=jaws
Here is a map from 1995

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