Expedition Everest-Legend of the Forbidden Mountain.

map view
ride view

Most people call this ride the Mount Everest ride. This ride is great to ride in the day or night. The ride is around of the thought of the Yeti. This ride has speed and thrills that will make you fall in love with this ride. Very nice sensory. Waiting in the line makes you feel that your going to be able to find the Yeti. Riding the ride during the day and night you will get a different feeling of the ride as well. At the night time your not able to see all the turns and drops on the ride. During the day your able to see all the different angles and thing of the ride.

2021-When we finished the ride we asked Nehemiah if he liked the ride and he said that it was not his favorite ride because there was not a lot of detail to it. You can hear Ionyah screaming in the video that she was to get off. Naomi enjoyed it the most she rode it twice. Naomi and Thomas like it at the night time.

This is the map helpers I made to help keep the wait times in order for how long we really waited for, and to keep the memories we make in line in order.


Rating: 1 out of 5.

this is great to have just in case your phone dies you can still remember the times to the rides.


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