Planning the Vacation: Checking items off

Part Three: Search and more Search

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In the works of making my own planner for planning a vacation

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Now the fun begins, just kidding. This part is just trying to find the best deal for you and your group for the vacation. You will be looking for hotels, rental car, airfare, and everything you will need for the vacation.

Air Fare: Looking for airfare is my least favorite part, because some of the airline websites break the months up, so sometimes the month I’m looking for I’m not able to see. While your looking make sure you have your flying rewards, because that can help with a purchase of ticket sometimes. Sometimes your able to get group rates sometimes not a lot, but some airlines do have deals for big group. Make sure that you always check, because you want to be able to get that best deal. Remember when your looking for plane tickets, some airlines will charge you for the luggage fee. (Frontier is cheap but they charge you for the luggage to go under the plane and for your carry on bag to go above your head, the only way its free if you put under your feet). Also please remember now your able to have your tickets on your phone so once your purchase them and send it to your email the phone can put it in your calendar and also have your confirmation as well.



Rental Cars: The rental car is the most fun sometimes just looking at all the vehicles you can pick from. Please remember that when your getting the rental car you remember how many people you have in your group will have a piece of language and a carry on bag, remember if you have smaller children that need a stroller you will have the stroller as well, and etc. With the rental car I think it is easier to put the rental car insurance on the car then to use your own. Always and I mean always make sure you fill the gas tank up before taking the rental car back , because if you choice the option that you want them to fill the gas tank up, they can go get the most expensive gas and you will be charge with it.

Hotels: One looking for a hotel you need to think of everyone needs of the group. Most people would like a swimming pool, continental breakfast, distance from the activity spots, and always the price is a big part. Make sure everyone has a say about the hotel and not just one person to make sure everyone will enjoy there time there.


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Well I’m a mother of two and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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