Planning the Vacation:Who is going

Part One: Who is going? We are going to…

One thing you need to focus on for the next two months is who is going on the vacation with you. You need to see how big your group is going to be, so your able to see if your able to get some great deals. Also we need to check ages because that does play a part when it come to the amusement park tickets. Also will help to see what rental car you would need to get as well. How many hotel rooms you will need to buy, airplane tickets and ETC. When planning on going on a vacation here are at least 2 big questions you need to ask yourself.

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Who every is planning the vacation needs to make a list of all the names and ages of who is going, so your not always calling and asking for that piece of information you will already have it.

Please let everyone who is going on the vacation have the destination your thinking about going (Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disney Land, California Adventures, Disney World, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Island of Adventure, etc.) So they can start working on how many days they will need to take off.

Here is a link for planning a vacation to the Disney Parks


Here is a link for Universal Studios Resort for planning

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Try to give notice as early as you can so people who are in the group have enough time to give the notice to there jobs.

When would you like to go on the vacation, my family always goes around the thanksgiving holiday, but you can pick any time to go.

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  1. DO WE GET A LONG GOOD ENOUGH? What that means are your able to be around each other, for the duration of the vacation. Will there be a augment, or would the group have to be split?
  2. Who is going to be the vacation planner? This mean who is going to be looking at prices and comparing, and trying to get the deals for the vacation. Who is going to keep everyone in the group up to date with the information that was found.

Here are some other questions that would be go to ask as well, so that you have and Idea so that your able to plan the best vacation for everyone in the group.

  • Do you mind sharing a room?
  • Do you watch the TV while you sleep/ or do you like to sleep in the dark?
  • Do you like to ride?
  • Do you like to meet characters?
  • Are you able to walk over 10 miles?
  • Do you have a Driver License?
  • Are you able to handle different parenting Skills? What I mean by that is you might put your kid in time out, but another parent might pop the hand and say no. Would that bother you where you feel like you would need to say something?

Once this part is taken care of we would move on to the next step which would be the and Budget.

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Here is a printable paper to help with this step of planning the vacation.


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