Replacement: Have a back up just in case your phone dies

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While on vacation, I’m starting to see that my phone is not always lasting while I’m out having fun. either it dies half way in the middle, or it dies by the time we are leaving. Sometimes even one person in the group can forget there phone. Then what do you do? I know for me I check my bank account on the phone, I use the fast pass on the phone, I use the app that the park asks you to use. Like i said your is going to die, and there are not a lot of outlets. feels like keeping track your being rushed. This helps with using those apps, because if your phone dies, you already have the calculation you need for the food, spending and everything else on your agenda for your vacation. These product can help with all that.

Its a small booklet that can fit in your backpack, or purse. Just take a quick seconds to fill it out and then your on your way, and this also helps with see how much money your spending on picture packages, parking fees, admission tickets, food, and even your spending money and etc.


if you like any of our products, and don’t feel like buying one please make a donation.

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Well I’m a mother of two and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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