One thing that you should get use to is the security.You will have it at the airport and at the amusement parks.

Airport: Make sure you have your ID, and your boarding passes they will be checking those. If your over the age of 12 years old you will be taking off your shoes. If you have a lap top that goes in one of there binds by itself. To me it feels like you almost have to get naked just to get through security. Please make sure that your have no more than 3.4 ounces, if you do it make your time going through security longer than you want it to be. Remember you have security when you leave to your destination and when you return from your destination

Amusement Park: Do know if you go the Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Hollywood Studios you will have have to go through security before your able to get to the park. These security checks are not so bad, and if you do not have any bags there is a line for people who have no bags. What will help with you going through security is to have you bag unzipped and open so that the employee can check your bag.

at Universal Studios


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Well I’m a mother of four and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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