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One new ride that Naomi, Nehemiah, Ionyah, and Thomas rode this year was the Dinosaur ride, that is located in Animal Kingdom in Dino Land USA. We had a 80 minutes wait, but while we were waiting the ride was having some technical difficulties, so they had to give us fast passes. So we waited to received our fast passes, we could have used them at any ride, besides the Avatar rides. So we just decided that we will just wait for the ride to start back up. So the kids saw Chip n Dale, and Daisy Duck. We had lunch at our normal spot , we rode the primeval whirl (which is Naomi’s favorite ride), and what we call Hester and Chester ride that the kids love (it just go up and down). Then we check the Dinosaur ride and it was up and running, we parked the strollers, and we went through the fast pass line and we watch the movie before the ride started , we went through the handicap way so we could get on the ride, and it was a blast.Nehemiah almost lost his binky on the ride, when the ride stop we got the binky and got off the ride.

Theses are some of the pictures we took while standing in line, the first time, not when we went through the fast pass.

From the Map 2019
Animal Kingdom Map


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These are the auto graph books I made for my kids

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