Men in Black Ride Alien Attacks


One New ride we rode this year was Men In Black. This was Thomas, Naomi, Nehemiah, and Ionyah first time riding it this year. When you first get through the line and go through the doors, it makes you feel like your going to be watching this science movie or something dealing with science . Then you get into this elevator and then they take you down to the Men in Black headquarters, and they explain the real mission to you. You will see some of your favorite characters from the Movie. This ride only hold 6 passengers in one cart. This is a shooting game, you shoot the alien’s and you are saving earth. While you are shooting it counts up points, and you will get a score as well. This ride spins a lot and flashing lights. Make sure your camera ready because this ride does take your picture. Remember to have fun being agent. You are able to take you scooters and wheel chairs through the line, you will be pulled out of the line, and taken to elevator so that you are able to board the plane. Naomi enjoy this ride.

Thomas explaining the ride
this is DAD and Grandfather 2019
This is Naomi, Nehemiah, Mom, Ionyah, and Grandma. 2019
throw back picture

This is the map helper we used for the 2019 family vacation. It help keep track of the actual wait time and of we have a memory for the ride or attraction we had a place to write it down.


Rating: 1 out of 5.

Here is the map helper to help you with your vacation to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure


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