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Getting your vacation in order.

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This is an idea I had to make. A planner for your vacation because at the end of the day you have a planner for your everyday life, why not have one for your vacation . This helps with keeping tracking of the hours you have taken off for work. Also what bills you have for the month and keep track of how much you would like to save each month. Keep track of major holidays and keep track of what days your company will pay for. Also helps with knowing your children breaks for school, and keeping track of how many days they miss from school. It also helps with looking at websites, planning a budget, and re-writing your budget more than once. Because when you start planning the vacation a lot of things will change. This is a great way to re check websites, and deals you may have came a cross while you were looking information up for your vacation. Everyone takes a vacations different months of the year, and i tired to make it where each month gave you a traveling tip, ways to save for your vacation with cutbacks, also a place where you can put notes, and information as well, to keep track of the weather the place your wanting to visit, looking at hotels and reviews, and other information you think is important for your vacation. I also left places available for you to write what you think is important for vacation as well.

I put this planner in a mini binder, so it has pockets, so that your able to keep any papers or information with the planner, i always provide a pen and highlighter, so that your able to highlight what information is important to you. I also have tabs that I’m able to put on the pages i need to come back to find what i wrote down.

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With the planners you able to buy for the whole year, three months or six months. Below are the pictures of the planner that I worked on.

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here is another link to help with planning for your vacation

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