Tickets, Tickets, and more tickets.

Me and Thomas explaining our process for buying tickets

When It comes to tickets, you do not want a lot of people involved with this part of planning. Because you are looking up dates, time, and destinations that you do not want to mix up dates and times and ETC. I think one person from each group should help communicate. (Ex. My parents are one group me and my father keep in contact about the vacation, My family (Thomas, Naomi, Nehemiah, and Me), I talk more to my dad about the vacation.

Airplane Tickets

These are the airplane tickets for last year

One of the hardest parts that I still think is draining is buying the airplane tickets. Because you don’t want to pay to much for a ticket. We check all the website from Priceline, Expedia, Southwest, and ETC. You check the websites more than once. You also check to see if your rewards have built up enough for you to get a cheap ticket ($5.00) or even sometimes a free ticket because of your points. One thing that helps with the cost of ticket is that if you have a infant up 2 years of age, they are free on the plane, they are consider lap infants, they just sit on your lap in the airplane. Make sure when you are purchasing tickets, to get everything spelled correctly, because the airlines do charge a fee to make any changes. Me and my father both check and communicate to make sure we are seeing the same information. I try to keep all my family tickets together so that we do not lose the tickets.

Theme Park Tickets

Photo by C. Cagnin on Pexels.com
Universal Studio Theme Park Ticket

One thing about the theme park tickets is that our hotel will hold our tickets for 60 days. That is nice because we do not have to worry about losing the tickets. Me and my dad take a theme park and we keep track of the tickets for the theme park (Ex. my dad will keep all the Universal Studio tickets for the 2 days that we go). (Ex. I will keep the Disney World Tickets for all 4 parks). Its just easier so that we do not lose the tickets.

Disney World Theme Park Ticket
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Well I’m a mother of four and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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