Should I or Should I not wear make up on vacation

This is me and Naomi giving our opinions about make up on vacation

Make up on vacation is it a good idea or a bad idea. I personally think when your on vacation you should not do a full face of make up. I think eye liner, lip stick, and mascara is the best for the vacation trip.

Mom and Naynay
in this picture i have lip stick on and eye liner

One memory from my past vacation is that when my Auntie (Leslee) and Uncle (Paul) came on vacation with us, we went on a wet water ride (Kali River Rapids),at animal kingdom (I do not remember the name) we got so wet that the make up was running off her face, and on top of that her cell phone was ruined. Sometimes that little bit of make up can make the picture pop and help with the outfit as well. Remember you don’t wanna put that make time in your make and then if you ride a ride and the make starts running off your face. You still wanna be care free and have to worry about if you messed up your make up

my mother has make up on in this picture
My Auntie has make up on
you can tell my mom has make up on in this picture. 2003
In this picture at Lagoon I have a full face of make
you can see I have make up on. 2015

Make up on the vacation depends on what you feel comfortable doing.

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