Car Kits: What you need in the rental car

car kits
Me, Thomas, and Naomi explaining about why we have these items for the car kits.
Kids are sitting in the back seat. 2018

One thing on vacation that I think does not get a lot of recognition is, what you need for the rental car or even if your taking a road trip. I think that not much thought goes into the car part of the vacation. I think you should have items for when your on the road. I know when you use the GPS on your phone it runs the battery life low (Happens to me every year on our family vacations). I think you need to have more than one car charger, because everyone now a day is on their phones (if you have the same phone you do not want to take turns trying to get everyone phones charge). I think the dual car charger is the best because two phones can be charging at the same time. The aux cord is great so that you can listen to music, or the GPS through the radio if you want the drive to hear the directions. I think a battery pack is great just in case you need to charge more items you can with the battery pack, For example when I go on vacation my daughter and son sit in the back seats and most of the time there is no car charger back there and so the battery packs help with charging there devices while we are on the road. Make sure you have vacation phone cords and phone cords that stay at home, because you might forget them. Naomi added hearts inspired by characters from Universal Studios and Disney World.

Below are the car kit bags we made and Naomi made the design of them. This was a fun project to do with my daughter and this help me keep track of what items we pack just for the rental car

my car bag

I mad a car kit for vacations. It has all those supplies you need for the trip. Based on Minnie, Daisy, The Hulk, BeetleJuice, Scar, The stairs to Elsa, and much more. Naomi drew the design on the car kits.

  1. I packed the phone chargers I like to pack both Android and iPhone charges because some of the devices take the Android charger, and i have a iPhone so i need that charger to charge my phone, and i also have vacation phone chargers just in case i leave them.
  2. I pack the aux cord which is great for if you a speaker, it good if there is no Bluetooth in the rental car you can hear the GPS, and try and make sure your able to get to the destination. It also helps if you wanna listen to music, because I know I do not know the radio stations in different states.
  3. The car charger, that is connect to the cigarette lighter and it great to leave in the car until your vacation is over, so that if you wanna charge your phone while your on the road, you can, helps with making sure that if you are using the GPS your phone can stay on.
  4. Battery pack, because you may only have one cigarette lighter and if you have some one in the back the phone charger might not be long enough for you to reach it.
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