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More fun making them, then buying them.

Naomi’s t-shirt inspired by space mountain, Naomi made this T-shirt all by herself

One thing that is big at the parks, is T-SHIRTS. People have cute sayings and cute references to the park on them. They can cost a lot depends on how big your group is, how many people actually want to wear the T-shirts, and even sizes. So this year me and my family thought about how we could cut the cost in half, and we decided to make our own t-shirts this year, and even hoodies for our vacation this year. We brought most of the supplies at a craft store. The shirts I’m showing now was our first time playing with the supplies. Naomi (daughter) loved making the shirts, and her mind was running with so many ideas of what she could do to make Disney and Universal Shirts. We had to tell her to take it easy. Thomas though it was really fun to make the shirts and it turn into a family event. So just so you know you will never see my dad in just a T-shirt, so we don’t have to worry about making him a shirt. So this year we are taking the shirts we brought and the shirts we made and we are going to see who get more compliments, or which sure gets asked a question. My kids love to make shirts and you can see their mind running with ideas and what they want to make. I also see that we found stores in our local state that let you buy some shirts in bulk. it’s a fun activity to do as a family. Do remember that you might get a little messy, but it still nice.

Nehemiah’s t-shirt inspired by space mountain This is the shirt i made for Nehemiah for space mountain.
Nehemiah’s nickname shirt this is the shirt Thomas made for Nehemiah
This is my daughter’s t shirt and it has her nickname on the front and the back. I made this shirt

These are the sibling shirts I made for my daughter (Naomi) and son (Nehemiah) so they will most likely wear these shirts at Disney World.

Me, Naomi, and Thomas made the sibling shirts together. I actually put the wrong iron on the wrong shirt and then Thomas came up with the arrows pointing to each other. Because you see a lot of shirts like this idea.

Nehemiah is wearing the shirt we made, Naomi forgot her shirt. if you like them please order theme from our store.
This is the hulk shirt I brought for Thomas off of the wish app and spent 10.00 on this shirt.
you can see me and Thomas brought these couple shirts at universal studios and they were 25.00 and piece
the shirt i brought for daughter and the shirt says princess.
On this ride you can see me and Thomas have on the beauty and the beast couple shirt.

Look at nehemiah (red hoodie) we made his shoes and hoodie

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