Month: October 2019

Vacation Planner

Getting your vacation in order. This is an idea I had to make. A planner for your vacation because at the end of the day you have a planner for your everyday life, why not have one for your vacation . This helps with keeping tracking of the hours you have taken off for work.…

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Naomi’s Corner

Nee’s T-shirts Naomi has really liked making her Shirts and she really enjoys making them. She came up with the Idea to make her own shirts. She said that she wanted to charge a flat rate of 10.00.

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Should I or Should I not

Make up on vacation is it a good idea or a bad idea. I personally think when your on vacation you should not do a full face of make up. I think eye liner, lip stick, and mascara is the best for the vacation trip. One memory from my past vacation is that when my…

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Car Kit

One thing you always need for the car while on vacation is the car kit, has the charger, the cords and the cell holder as well, this helps with any vacation.

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