How many steps did we take at the park

when you go to the theme parks, you walk a lot . They say on average you walk anywhere between 10-12 miles a day at the parks. Remember you are pushing a stroller as well, you buy items while you are at the park as well. Its also fun to see how many steps you are taking at the park as well. I only have the steps for 2018. I have an iPhone an a apple watch and that is how i track my steps. I remember I brought Naomi a 20.00 watch and she was so excited to use it and see how many steps she would take, she was walking really fast in a circle and then she fell and scratch up her knee she cried and we went to the first aid, and she was better, but she was sad that she hurt herself trying to beat mommy at the game we made up. My parents do not plan the game because they are in the jazzy, and they are not walking a lot at the parks.

Naomi wearing her apple watch so she can count her steps
Even Naomi has a apple watch so she can also count her steps

Here is the data from my phone and also know that you phone can calculate how much you have walked as well.

Nov. 14th-Nov. 23rd 2018 (Family Vacation)

14th- I walked 1.8 miles and took 4,263 steps

15th- I walked 3.7 miles and took 8,912 steps

16th- I walked 2.6 miles and 6,100 steps

17th- I walked 0.78 miles, and took 1,796 steps

18th- I walked 4.4 miles, and 10,371 steps

19th- I walked 3.3 miles and took 7,790 steps

20th- I walked 6.4 miles and took 14,686 steps

21st- I walked 4.4 miles and took 10,220 steps

22nd- I walked 3.3 miles and took 8,573 steps

23rd- I walked 1.4 miles and 3,468 steps

Naomi wore her watch and I will be posting her steps that she did for the week at the parks. This will be for the year 2019. These are only Naomi’s steps.

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