Disney’s Hollywood Studios: We always visit this park last


this is the map from 2019
What we rode
-Tower of Terror
-Rock N Roller Coaster Starring
-Muppet’s 3-D
-Star Tours
-Slingy Dog Dash
Disney’s Hollywood Studios use to be called MGM Studios.
This is a map from 1994.

This is our map helper filled out from our vacation in 2019. This lets us know everything we have done while we were at the park. It was nice to see the wait times and how long we actually waited. You can see we didn’t get to see a whole lot.

This is the Map helper. This map helper follows the map and you can write down key words to help you remember what you did at that attraction. You will be able to see the rides and things we did this year at the theme park.

Disney’s Hollywood Studio map
This is the map from 2019
walking to the Disney junior side

We have this tradition to go to this theme park last. I love how its not so fast pace, but their is something for everyone in your group to do something. My mom favorite is the Beauty and the Beast shoe. My dad favorite is Muppet’s 3-D (Funny story my dad and Naomi already made it in to the Muppet’s waiting area, then Nehemiah took off so i went after him, so my mom and Thomas was left in the line, it took them forever to get to the waiting area. I asked Thomas what took him and Mom long, he said he had to help this lady drive her jazzy, because she was running into everything.), and Star tours. The also have Toy Land (Toy Story). I remember Naomi cried because she didn’t want to wait in line for 4 hours to ride slingly dog dash. SO this year we are determined to ride it just for her. My son Nehemiah loves the Disney Junior size he gets to meet all his favorite characters and gets to see a show live as well. My favorite park is the rides I love Tower of Terror and the Rockin Roller coaster.

waiting in the waiting before we get to see the 3-d movie (2019)
the video you watch before you enter to watch the show 2015
Sofia the 1st live 2017
Jake and the never land pirates live 2017
Minnie, Mickey, live 2017
blurry but the only picture i took 2018

Here are pictures from 2019 at Disney Hollywood Studios. This year we did not go to the Disney Junior Side because we waited almost three hours to ride the slingy dog dash ride. We rode new rides as well A fun memories this year at the park is that my dad lost his hat on the “SLINGY DOG DASH” ride, and I was actually surprise on how fast the ride actually went.

this is where we eat at Disney Hollywood Studios.

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