Epcot: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

music you will hear throughout the park

When I was a kid this was not my favorite theme park, because to me it felt like it was not a lot of rides. It was like more shows, and Experiences other cultures. Now that I’m older its nice to slow down for a minute and enjoy what is going on. One of my favorite thing to do is go try the different sodas. I have a video of Naomi trying the different sodas. This is just a fun thing to do and enjoy spending time with your family. I also use to not like the ride Spaceship to Earth. I thought the ride was slow and that it was not fun. Now that I’m older I understand that is a good ride to rest your legs, and your body from all the walking that you are doing at the parks. One ride that is fun is Mission to Mars. That ride has made my cousin Steele and my Dad sick, but overall the ride is so much fun, it hold up to four people. The mission to earth is not so intense, and last year Naomi was scared. One of Naomi and Nehemiah rides that they like is Journey into Imagination with Figment. One thing for sure to make sure you check out is the back lot with all the different countries. One of the attractions Naomi lives is the finding Nemo. One high light was that Nehemiah dance

This year (2019) when we went to Epcot it was under construction, and we decided to go to the back lot and we spend most of our time there. We did not ride any rides at all this year while we were there.

My explaining Epcot
This is the spaceship to earth ride and we are sitting in our seats.
Me and Nehemiah on spaceship to earth 2015
Trying the different Soda is no longer available
You can see her almost making a mess with the sodas as well. 2017

For Mission to Space, you could either do a mission to earth(is less intense training)or do a mission to mars (intense training).

Nehemiah playing after riding the ride Journey into Imagination with Figment 2018

One of the rides we rode in back lot when we were in Mexico 2018
Goofy Auto Graph 2019
This is mine (NAYNAY) favorite stores at any of the parks, I could spend thousands at this shop. I just love the way it looks, what is in the store, and how great the customer service is there, I just love this store.

Here is the map for Epcot i will follow the map numbers and tell what is on there and put a star * by the one you may one to get a Fast Pass for.

map from 2019

Future World East

  1. *Spaceship to Earth
  2. *Mission to SPACE
    1. Green Mission for less intense experience
    2. *Orange Mission for an intense experience
  3. *Test Track
  4. New! Walt Disney Imagineering present
  5. Electric Umbrella hosted by Coca-Cola
  6. Opening Early 2020! Space 220
  7. Mouse Gear

Future World West

  • 8. Imagination !
    • *8a Journey Into Imagination with Figment (this is great for younger kids)
    • 8b Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival
    • 8c Meet Disney Characters
  • 9 The Land
    • 9a Opening January 2020! Awesome Planet
    • *9b Soarin’ around the world
    • 9c Living with the land
    • 9d Sunshine Seasons
    • 9e Chip n Dale Harvest Feast at Garden Grill
  • 10 The seas with Nemo and friends
    • 10a The Seas with Nemo and Friends Attraction
    • *10b Turtle talk with crush (we saw this in 2015 and Naomi asked Crush ” How long do turtle hold there breath under water”. He went up for air and come back down and answered her question.)
    • 10c SeaBase
  • 11. Coral Reef Restaurant

ShowCase Plaza

  • 12. Disney Traders
  • 13. Port of Entry

*World Showcase*- Try and see as many countries as you can, it’s really fun and it cool by the way.

  • 14. Mexico
  • 15. Norway
  • 16. China
  • 17. Refreshment Outpost
  • 18.Germany
  • 19. Italy
  • 20. The America Adventure (check out our youtube page to see Naomi participating.)
  • 21.Japan
  • 22. Morocco
  • 23. France
  • 24. World Traveler
  • 25. United Kingdom
  • 26. Canda

memories from past vacations

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