Month: August 2019

How many steps

when you go to the theme parks, you walk. They say on average you walk anywhere between 10-12 miles a day at the parks. Remember you are pushing a stroller as well, you buy items while you are at the park as well. Its also fun to see how many steps you are taking at…

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We have this tradition to go to this theme park last. I love how its not so fast pace, but their is something for everyone in your group to do something. My mom favorite is the Beauty and the Beast shoe. My dad favorite is Muppet’s 3-D (Funny story my dad and Naomi already made…

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3- D rides

One thing that is fun for all family to enjoy together is the different 3-D and 4-D rides. You have course have the glasses that you wear, and it makes you feel like the items are coming off the screen and right at you. Some of the ones we have been on is the Minons,…

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