Shrek 4-D

Ozsie Mario Naomi Sarah and donkey 2017

Remember this ride is on the Universal Studio side.The wait time for the 3-D was not that long. Before you get to take your seat you get to see a short movie, that sets the sense. DON’T FORGET THE 3-D GLASSES. One ride that everyone can ride is the Shrek 4-D. Its really not a ride its a movie. You will see all of your favorite characters from the movies. Remember as you have the 3-D glasses your seat can move as well. One thing that is cool that after the show is over you walk into the gift shop and as you walk from the gift shop you can met the characters.

mom shrek and me i was 13 in this picture 2004
Meering the characaters after the ride is over
mario ozsie and puss and boots 2017

make sure to watch Shrek and see what references you can find through out the movie. Comment some of your answer.

Meeting the Characters. Rides


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