Souvenir Cups

explaining why we buy them

One item I think is a must is buying the souvenir cups at the theme parks, because some theme parks say you can have unlimited refills, and some charge a lower price to get a refill for your drink. I also like that you can change the soda, you just don’t have to get Coke and that’s it. We normally buy up to four cups, One for grandparents to share, one for me and Thomas to share, and one each for the kids.

Lagoon, the price of the refill go down the more cups you buy, Both the Refill cups were $8.00 a piece. At lagoon the refills are 0.99 and with tax it makes it like $1.47. If you have a refill cup from the year before you just pay 2.99 plus tax, and you get the refills Most drinks at Lagoon are $2.00-$5.00 per drink. I think the best thing to do is get the refill souvenir cups.


Universal Studios Resort has souvenir cups that give you free refills all day. They cost 15.99 plus tax. Please make sure when you are buying the refill cups you buy the one that allows you to have free refills all day, because some of the souvenir cups are not free refills. The Coca-Cola is the souvenir cup that allows the free refills

FYI you can also buy souvenir cups at the gift shops as well. They will have all different kind of cups as well.



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