Ladybug Bop / The Rocket it

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The Boucher explaining Lagoon
The rocket it

At Lagoon there is adult ride and the kid ride that do the same thing. it’s like a tower and it takes you to the top and then it drops you. I know for the kids it a little bit of a thrill ride, just like the adult one, it gives you a lot of butterflies. I know Nehemiah had mixed emotions about it and you can see it on his face. Still I get nervous riding the rocket it, i take deep breathes as well. This was Nehemiah’s first ride at Lagoon he rode that the ladybug bop. If you see the video of the rocket you will see me kicking my feet back in fourth and that is because I’m nervous every time i get on the rocket. Its a fun ride and you will enjoy yourself after you ride it.

The rocket it is in the back

Below is the link for Lagoon


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Nehemiah’s face on Ladybug Bop you can tell what part he likes and what part he didn’t like

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The rocket it

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This make it all worth it.

lagoon booklet


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LAGOON memories mini vacation


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