Adult Vacation Only: no kids are around

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This is one of my favorite casino’s to play at 2019

One place that is fun to go for me and Thomas is Wendover, Nevada. Its not to far from home and I know for me and him we always have fun. Some days we win big and some days we lose big as well. There is a total of Five Casino’s there The Nugget, The Red Garter, The Rainbow, The Pepermill, and The Montego Bay. The have slot machines, black jack tables, crap, roulette, poker, and evening the sport books. From SLC to Wendover its 122.9 miles an 1 hr and 48 min drive and there are fun buses you can take to if you feel like you do not want to drive. The buses cost 20 too about 22 for one person and that covers you going and coming back. When you take the bus you will get a booklet when you get to the casino and if you go the Nugget you get a 5.00 dollar credit, if you take the bus that takes you to the rainbow you get a 7.00 credit, and you can use that to play on the tables or the slots. Friday is busy because at the buffets its the Seafood night and there is a wait for the food., they do not open til 4 PM.

If you are not a big gambler you can go to the concert hall, and see an artist and enjoy what every show you feel like seeing . If you are interested in a show click on the link below and see if something catches your eyes. Remember if you get a player’s card you can use your comps towards a show as well.


One thing you would like to do is get a player card this helps with hotel rooms for free, pays for the buffet or the restaurants with your comp dollars so you don’t have to use your real money. https://wendoverfun.com/casino/players-club/

Some of mine and thomas favorite slot machines are

-Cheers (no longer available)

-Betty the Yetti

-Hoot of the Loot

-The Buffaloes

-Triple 7’s

planet moon


here is the booklet to fill out to help past some time as well

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Here is advertisements that I get in the mail for Wendover.

If you are spending time with your partner and want to feel extra sexy here is a link for some cute outfits to wear in the hotel room.

My parent in Vegas for their Anniversary.

visiting during covid-19

Things have changed since Covid-19. You have to walk in certain door and you have to get your temperature check before your able to get into the casino. FACE MASK is required, they do service drinks and smoke a cigarettes but you have to put the face mask back on right after. If you would like to eat remember your group can be no bigger then four and the wait time is just a little bit longer. Remember when ordering food, the condiments are already prep. Your allowed to take your mask off while your eating, but after your done and would like to pay please remember to put your mask back on. Remember your able to pay with your players card. Remember to check your player card because you might be able to have some free play.

Me in the restaurant at the casino after eating

I know when we went back there was not a lot of people there. The slot machine seem to not want to pay. This just could be not my lucky day. there is Plexiglas in between each slot machine and they are on the tables as well. there are signs reminding you to keep social distancing in mind as well. FYI there is more security at the casino.

another pic of me

the visit just felt different we enjoy as much as we could, but the experience was different.

Make sure you check the kiosk with your player cards because they do give out free play. You will need your ID (Driver, Identification) to prove that its you, the associate will apply it to your players card and then what machine you wanna play you can apply the free play.

mini vacation

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Well I’m a mother of two and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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