Nehemiah, Naomi and Aliyah’s first trip to Lagoon Amusement Park

This is a magazine that explain our local theme park Lagoon. What are views of being there was.



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everyone’s first impressions of the theme park

The whole day leading up to this day was so nerve racking, Naomi had so many emotions, but she was also determine to ride. She was counting down the hours as well. Her face was priceless. This was Naomi and Aliyah’s first time going to Lagoon. They had a blast. Naomi became a rider this time around. We rode some of the rides more than once. The only reason we had to cut the trip short was because it started to rain. For me staying at a park while it’s raining is not fun. It was a fun day to just laugh and enjoy each other company. I know Naomi really enjoy herself because she is always asking me when are we going back to Lagoon. I love the idea we had to start taking her to our local theme parks to get her in the mood for Disney world, so that she will be ready to ride the rides.

This was us on the swings
Most of the parking tickets, theme park admission tickets, and even the rides you have to paid for will have a 5.00 coupon so that you can get up to 6 people.
this is a discount we use when we went to Lagoon 2018
Naomi Pep Talk for the wicked ride

Aliyah thought Lagoon was fun. Thought Lagoon was small compared to Disney World. Experience Lagoon since it was her first time. Thought that the wait time was not that bad. Her favorite ride was wicked, she liked it because it was going really fast.

Nehemiah first time he was very brave and wanted to ride everything he could. We found out that for most of the rides he was only 3-4 inches short to ride. He rode a lot of the kiddie rides which is located in Kiddieland. Nehemiah slept most of time and we had to rent a wagon from Lagoon, so that he could lay down. So next time I’m just bring the heavy duty stroller that we take to Disney World.

Nehemiah went to sleep on grandma leg 2018
Nehemiah Slept most of his time there
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Lagoon theme scrapbook for the best day at Lagoon

LAGOON memories mini vacation

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Well I’m a mother of two and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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