Universal Studio Resort: One side of the park per day 2 Days

This is the parking tag for handicapped parking, it likes this for both sides for Universal and Island of Adventure.
this use to be the old parking stubs that you would leave in your car

This link is us walking through the city walk. It’s about a 4 minute walk.

At the City Walk you have to walk through the city walk before you get to the admission ticket stand.
2015 this is in the city walk

Another Park that is fun to go to is…. Universal Studios. I love this park just as much as I enjoy Disney World . So I remember how i felt and when I was trying to explain it to my Fiance Thomas, I made him a little guide that he could relate too. Now i use it if I’m trying to explain to any one why I love going to Disney World and Universal Studios and why I enjoy my family vacation.

The Park has three sections. The city Walk, Island of Adventure, and Universal Studios. Everyone in your group will like a different part of the park. Thomas really enjoys Islands of adventure, Naomi also enjoys Island of Adventure, because of The wizarding World of Harry Potter. I Like the Universal side because of the Hello Kitty gift shop and also Betty Boop. My mom enjoys Universal Studios side, because of Transformers, Shrek, and Minons, a side notes is that my mom enjoys the Island of adventure food, My dad also like The Universal Studios. But most of the time its a great time to be.

This year my parents didn’t have to walk through the city walk they were able to take the Jazzy (electric Scooters) right to the park. Most of the time when we went we were trying to get through the City walk because it hard for my parents to walk this time we were able to take our time and that was a great feeling. One side note is that if you do need a jazzy, they do not have them in the city walk, they have them after you get through admissions. That is for both sides of the parks.

This is the Link for the Universal Studios Map

Click to access universal-studios-florida-park-map-english.pdf

This is the Link of the map to the island of adventures map


admission Ticket and you can use it at both parks.

These are the pictures from the Universal Studios sides

Family eating at Universal Studio

Theses are the ride description from the mobile app.

here is some of the characters you can meet at Universal Studios

This is the map helper I made for our vacation and I’m going to show you everything we did while at the park. For the year 2019

Here are some of the places we have eaten at the parks.

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2017 video of us walking through Universal Studios


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Well I’m a mother of two and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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