Mommy and Daughter Time

Ride it or Waiting??

I’ve been a rider since I could remember, now on the other hand Naomi is not a rider at all, it like pulling teething to get her to get on a ride. Here is a few rides we are gonna ask if we would ride or just Wait.


“The ride is not safe”

-Naomi O. Boucher
  • The cat in the Hat ride: Both of us both agreed we would ride it.
  • The Mummy Ride: Mommy is all in on this ride, Naomi says it’s a maybe for her.
  • The Simpson Ride: Mom is riding , and Naomi just said NO.
  • E.T.: Naomi said Yes, this is my childhood favorite I would ride it.
  • Hester and Chester: Yes, this is a kid’s ride so my youngest can ride it so yes I will ride it.
  • The Hulk ride: Mom is on board running to the line, Naomi is in between with a maybe.
  • The Primeval Whirl: Naomi say yes, and make that a double Yes for mommy.
  • Space Mountain: Of course for mom I’m still game, and Naomi is stuck with the IDK.
  • Splash Mountain: Naomi says Triple yes, and of course I’m riding.
  • Mission to Space: UMM…. Yea is what Naomi says, and for mommy yes but we are doing mission to Mars next time.
  • Woody the Woodpecker: Yes Naomi says, and i say yes just hope the kids don’t fight about who can sit with mom.
  • Tower of Terror: I’m going to try and get my youngest on if Naomi doesn’t ride and Naomi says IDK.

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