Daddy’s Time on May 27th 2019


Eating Lunch with the family

Being a father is great. But being a father on vacation means a lot more because to me it means I saved money and time for my family to enjoy memories and moments together. But sometimes it’s hard to keep the insanity of the family intact during the excitement of Disney World because I know it’s hard to keep it all contained. I have 2 parents that i’m blessed for, that mean the world to me, a wife, and 3 children. The chaos of trying to get everyone on the shuttle, like the Jazzy’s and the strollers, I’m glad my wife gets the kids on the shuttle. But when you hear your parents and your spouse and the kids all laugh while you’re working on putting everything on the shuttle means the world, We’ll I think so. Sometimes it feels like it’s like working but to me it’s the honor to be the man of the house, if that makes sense. Like my wife she will find some where to sit the kids and I will get in the line to get the food and she will text me what the kids will want to eat. I will get all the drinks that they want, all the condiments and such, but to me, it just keeps our family in order. You know also being as a parent at Disney World, you get the pleasure being a child again but you still have to be your kids parents. So when we were in line at a couple rides we kept telling our kids to keep the line going because they will stand their on their phone or just being talking among themselves. But this first time every going to Disney World, and it will not be my last. My wife is my rock on this vacation. To be honest, I’ve leaned on her a lot during this vacation and we actually learned a lot about ourselves.

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Well I’m a mother of two and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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