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Snap Chat Filters

One thing that my kids a lot with the pictures they took is use the snap chat filters. They use it to have fun. This is a fun way to pass time in the car and even when your waiting in line for the rides. I also think this is a cute way to dress up as well and not have to put all the work of make and changes clothes as well.

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Storm Force Accelatron

This is one of Naomi’s favorite ride to ride. Naomi can ride this ride over and over. Especially if I’m riding the Hulk ride. She can ride this ride over and over. This ride reminds me of the Mad Tea Cups at Disney World. How you can spin it, you can even make yourself dizzy on this ride. Me Thomas and Aliyah and of course Naomi rode this ride right after we rode the Hulk and this ride kinda made me sick. Just in FYI Storm was my favorite from the X-men. You can take your phone on this ride.

Image result for what is the storm at universal studios orlando called