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Hot Topic

one thing that I do before the vacation is try and buy shirts and shoes and things Disney for the vacation. So that it gets you more in the mood. I normal shop at the Wish online store that is an app. I have been looking for another store, and I did and its Hot Topic here is the link to my wishlist

I haven’t brought anything from them just yet but I will and see how fast shipping is and how long it takes.

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the logo for hot topic.
the link to get the app on your phone for androids

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Original .VS. Covers

click on the link below to listen to the songs

We do not own the copy rights to the song, we listen to we got the music off our apple music.

One thing that I like about Disney is that you can always find a cover of your favorite Disney song. So i thought to help us also get more in the Disney Mood at my house is have a music battle. Do you have a favorite Disney Song? In the video below you will see my family listening to the original and then the cover song and see which one they like better.