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Magic Kingdom aka Disney World

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This is the map of Magic Kingdom

Disney is one of my favorite place to visit because it brings back all the Disney movies I remember watching, and it does give you excitement and joy. Its really fun to ride and also meet the characters. It just a great place to be with your family and enjoy the company of your family. Remember there are shows and that there are parades as well. Some the rides are fast, and some of them are just a show. Remember they also have really good snack food. One thing I like to eat when I’m there i love the Funnel cake . Its so good. There are rides for everyone to ride and then some rides are not for everyone. Remember that you do a lot of walking. That there are always characters out to want to meet you. I know just for me I’m more of a rider then meeting the Characters. I love how the rides take you to a different place and the theme park feels so magical, you want to see everything and want to take as much from it as you can. One thing about the park is remember you and your family are not the only ones there so there is wait time for the rides and show. Do you have a favorite Disney movie or even character? 9 out of 10 they will be at Disney World.